How can I drive safely during the winter in North Carolina?

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Winters in North Carolina typically don’t involve much snow, in contrast to other regions of the United States. However, this area is prone to rain during the winter months, which can also be hazardous to drivers. Knowing how to navigate wet, rainy roads is a must to keep yourself and other motorists safe. In this case, Edmunds offers the following safety tips to prevent serious accidents from occurring.

Posted speed limits are designed for ideal road conditions. When roads are slick, drivers are encouraged to decrease their speed to accommodate conditions. Wet roads decrease traction between the tires and the pavement, which can lead to skidding. Some estimates say that wet roads reduce traction by about one-third, so drivers are encouraged to reduce their speed by about as much. As an example, if the posted speed limit is 55 mph, it’s suggested that motorists travel at about 40 mph in rainy conditions.

Even with your best efforts, you might still experience hydroplaning. This is when your vehicle’s tires lose contact with the road, which can lead to serious accidents. Consider that hydroplaning can occur at speeds of just 35 mph. Knowing how to deal with this situation is a must to preserve the safety of you and other drivers. When you start sliding, ease your foot off the gas. You can also gently engage the brake, but refrain from slamming it down, as this can increase skidding. Also, be cautious about steering your vehicle until you regain traction, as you may inadvertently steer into oncoming traffic or some other situation when tires gain their grip on the road.

While you should always keep about three to four seconds distance between yourself and other vehicles, this distance should be expanded to about five seconds in wet conditions. In the event the vehicle in front of you stops short, this distance will allow enough time for you to stop. You should also keep ample space around the sides of your vehicle whenever possible.

What can you do if you are hurt in an accident?

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