Multiple car accidents result from N.C. winter weather

On Behalf of | Mar 4, 2020 | Personal Injury |

It had been more than a year since measurable snow amounts fell in North Carolina. However, after a storm last week, some areas reported up to four inches. The snow and freezing temperatures reportedly contributed to multiple motor vehicle accidents across the state.

Snowy weather can cause serious accidents

One of the most serious accidents involved a law enforcement officer who reportedly sustained an injury when a car hit her. She had apparently exited her vehicle in an attempt to assist other drivers at the time of the crash. She required transportation to the hospital for non-life-threatening injuries that may include a broken leg. It was necessary to close down the road where the accident occurred for over an hour thereafter so an investigation could take place. No information as to the results of that investigation is available.

A frightening crash occurred Friday morning along U.S. 70 near Durham. A car reportedly landed upside-down after sliding off the road, flipping over a guardrail and sliding down a snowy embankment, hitting some trees along the way. No information on injuries resulting from the crash is available, but news reports indicate that the driver was able to stand up and carry on a conversation with first responders at the scene. The accident is one of several that occurred along that stretch of U.S. 70. Authorities believe that black ice may be to blame.

What can you do if you are hurt in an accident?

If traveling in hazardous weather conditions is unavoidable, drivers should go slow and observe proper safety precautions. Those injured due to reckless or unsafe driving during inclement weather may wish to consult an attorney to explore available legal options for seeking damages.

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