How long does it take to divorce?

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When spouses finally determine that this marriage is not for them and decide to end it, many want the process to be as quick and painless as possible. After all, getting a divorce is an emotional and overwhelming process. Individuals often want to put it behind them quickly to protect both their children and themselves.

So, how long will a divorce take?

Four things can impact the process

Everyone will face different challenges that can influence the duration of their divorce. However, there are four factors in particular that individuals should be aware of:

  1. Residency: Like most states, North Carolina law requires at least one spouse to live in the state for six months before they file for divorce. This requirement rarely impacts couples if their home is in North Carolina.
  2. Separation: Additionally, state law also requires spouses to separate for one year and one day before they can file for divorce.
  3. Waiting period: North Carolina also has a waiting period of 30 days between the time when spouses file for divorce and when the family court can grant the divorce.
  4. Disputes: Regardless of the waiting period, spouses still have many matters they must negotiate throughout the divorce proceedings, including how they will distribute marital property. If spouses run into disagreements on this front, it could prolong the process of their divorce.

Considering these four factors, there is no direct answer for how long a divorce could last. On average, it could take anywhere from roughly two months to one year to resolve the divorce effectively. The duration of divorce is dependent on many variables, and spouses must be prepared to manage these variables as they move forward.