Why should I get a defense attorney to fight for me?

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2021 | Criminal Defense |

Facing a criminal investigation or criminal charges can be overwhelming. You find yourself worrying: what penalties will you face?  How can you protect yourself?

This is why many people often take steps to get a criminal defense attorney on their side. Even so, many people might wonder why they should hire an attorney in the first place. Here are three reasons to consider seeking representation.

1. Defense attorneys keep you informed of – and protect – your rights

Even if you face DWI charges or assault charges, you have specific rights under North Carolina law and the Constitution. However, there are often nuances that can be difficult to navigate in high-stress situations.

For example, the Fifth Amendment of the Constitution protects individuals against self-incrimination. Commonly referred to as “Miranda rights,” these are your rights to remain silent and obtain an attorney, among others. However, it is critical to note that:

  • Miranda rights often only apply when you are in custody and being questioned
  • You must verbally invoke your Miranda rights

This is only one example, but protecting your rights can often be more complex than it seems. A defense attorney can make sure you understand your rights clearly and secure them.

2. Attorneys understand the process

The criminal justice system is a complicated one. However, a defense attorney can help you navigate this system effectively since they:

  • Understand the legal process of criminal cases
  • Know the rules law enforcement must follow
  • Know how to negotiate and work with prosecutors

Understanding the law and how it applies in these circumstances is critical to protect yourself.

3. They will work to mitigate the consequences you face

Your biggest concern when facing criminal charges is likely the penalties. For example, DWI charges can lead to time in jail, significant fines and losing your driving privileges.

Working with a defense attorney can help you mitigate these penalties by challenging wrongful police searches, making plea deals and investigating the evidence in the case.

There is too much at risk when dealing with criminal charges. Consulting an attorney can help you reduce the risks you face and protect yourself in these challenging situations.