Two risks that could lead to firearm charges

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The United States Constitution might give individuals the right to bear arms, but individuals must still follow the rules. North Carolina residents must meet very specific conditions to obtain a license to own and carry a concealed firearm.

Maintaining the right to own a gun, as well as protecting one’s future, requires individuals to stay informed. Individuals who carry firearms must understand the rules and be aware of the risks. Here are two particular risks that individuals should know.

1. It is not necessary to use a gun to face criminal charges

Individuals must remember that they do not even have to hold or fire a gun to face criminal charges. They could also face serious charges, fines and even jail time if:

  • They have a gun on their person without a permit, or their permit is not readily available
  • They are drinking or under the influence with a gun on their person

Of course, the use of a gun could result in consequences that are much more severe than carrying a gun in a manner against the rules. For example, using a gun or even pointing a gun at another person could lead to charges of assault. Even so, it is critical to be aware of the risks that could come with even carrying a gun.

2. When carrying a gun, be careful where you go

Even if individuals carry a gun legally, there are still some locations where it is against the law to have a firearm on one’s person. These places include:

  • School campuses, which could lead to a felony
  • Parades, festivals or public celebrations
  • Places where alcohol is sold
  • Government properties
  • Private properties with posted signs

It does not matter if individuals have a permit to carry a concealed weapon. If they have a weapon on these properties, they could face serious charges.

What exactly are the charges?

The charges individuals could face for carrying a firearm vary depending on the circumstances of their case. However, they could face prison time ranging from roughly 60 days to 25 months for illegally carrying a firearm.

Even a first offense could put one’s rights to own a firearm at risk, as well as the plans they had for the future. If individuals wish to protect their rights, they must stay aware.