What are the most common federal crimes?

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It does not take much for a criminal offense to lead to federal charges. Dealing with federal charges on top of state charges could leave you facing many more serious risks.

So, it is critical to be aware of the most common crimes that could result in federal charges. Here is a brief overview of some of these offenses.

Three common federal offenses

As you may already know, a federal crime is any offense that violates federal law or occurs on federal property. However, what are the most common crimes that break federal laws?

They include:

  • Drug charges: The trafficking, sale, import or export of controlled substances or drug paraphernalia is a federal offense. Additionally, if any kind of drug crime – including possession – occurred on federal land then you could also face federal charges.
  • Fraud: Fraud charges often go hand-in-hand with white-collar crime. However, it also includes many other offenses, from phishing scams to identity theft. As we discussed in a recent blog post, fraud crimes and charges are also on the rise.
  • White-collar crime: There is a wide array of crimes included under the umbrella of white-collar crime. From embezzlement to money laundering, the many offenses under one category make white-collar crimes one of the most common offenses involving federal charges.

North Carolina laws also address all of these offenses. However, federal courts will also take action against individuals who break federal laws. This is why these offenses often lead to multiplied penalties, including higher fines and longer prison sentences.

Facing federal charges is a serious matter. You must fight back to defend your rights against the increased risks these offenses carry.