We Defend Clients Against Gun Charges In Raleigh And Durham

While owning a firearm is your right as an American, the state of North Carolina considers the criminal use of firearms to be a serious problem. The state pursues violations of gun laws aggressively and can put you into an incredibly difficult spot. When that happens, you want a legal team that respects your constitutional rights and fights hard for them.

At Frasier & Griffin, PLLC, we fight for people in Durham facing criminal charges of any sort. We are passionate advocates for the rights of people all over North Carolina. When you come to us, we will take on the difficulties ahead of you and fight for what you deserve.

Understanding North Carolina’s Gun Laws

If North Carolina charges you with violating its weapons statutes, you’re not only facing the prospect of losing your freedom and livelihood. You may also lose your rights to possess a firearm if you:

  • Have been convicted of a felony
  • Are found guilty because of insanity
  • Have been the subject of a domestic violence order
  • Are determined to not have the capacity to use a firearm

While these are general conditions, they can be aggressively pursued by overzealous law enforcement authorities.

The state aggressively pursues those who use firearms in conjunction with other crimes, such as drug offenses or murder. Often, gun violations compound and aggravate already extremely serious charges.

Aggressive. Experienced. Respected.

Across the state, Frasier & Griffin, PLLC, has built a reputation for skilled, thorough, detail-oriented criminal defense. We respect our clients and make sure that they know it. Our aggressive defense offers our clients the relief they need when it seems like the odds are against them.

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