The Defense Attorney You Need When Charged With A Violent Crime In Raleigh Or Durham

If you have been charged with a violent crime in Durham County or Wake County, your entire future is at stake. If convicted, you could face serious consequences that could impact your freedom and reputation.

At Frasier & Griffin, PLLC, we understand the gravity of your situation. Serving Durham and Raleigh in Wake County, our defense team brings a blend of local insight and legal skill to navigate these complex cases. Our confident approach stems from our experience providing aggressive advocacy and personalized strategies to every case.

What Can Constitute A Crime Of Violence In North Carolina?

Unlawful acts that harm others through violence qualify as crimes of violence. However, even the mere threat of harm or violence may also qualify. We offer a vigorous defense amid allegations of:

  • Assault: Typically charged based on the severity of injury and intent
  • Armed robbery: Considered a felony involving theft with a weapon
  • Battery: Falls under the assault umbrella with severity depending on the level of harm
  • Carjacking: A serious felony involving the theft of a vehicle by force or intimidation
  • Domestic violence: Includes violent offenses within family or intimate relationships
  • Kidnapping: Involves the unlawful confinement or abduction of a person
  • Homicide: A felony, it covers various degrees of unlawful death, from manslaughter to murder

In North Carolina, where the consequences are severe, the weight of the accusation alone can turn one’s world upside down.

Possible Penalties For Violent Crimes In Durham and Raleigh, North Carolina

Many violent offenses are felonies. Felony sentences can carry these possible penalties:

  • Lengthy prison sentences
  • Steep fines, often approaching tens of thousands
  • Strict probation instead of or in addition to imprisonment
  • Orders to pay victims financial restitution for their losses

Even if facing misdemeanor charges (simple assault, affray, etc.), you could still face significant consequences, including jail time.

Get A Relentless Defense Lawyer

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