Defense Attorney For Drug Trafficking Charges In North Carolina

Last updated on June 5, 2024

North Carolina law takes drug trafficking very seriously, as does federal law. Someone who is convicted of trafficking charges could spend a significant amount of time behind bars, have to pay massive fines and even have a felony on their permanent record. Anyone facing such charges needs to know how a conviction could change their life. They must understand what criminal defense options they have in the face of some of the strictest drug trafficking laws in the country.

At Frasier & Griffin, PLLC, our attorneys have the experience necessary to help you if you’re facing such charges. As an award-winning law firm recognized for our skills, with attorneys who have been honored on the Super Lawyers list, we can help you explore all your options. Every case is unique, but the potential ramifications are always serious. Whether you are in Raleigh, Durham or Wake County, you need excellent legal representation. You need to call us for a consultation.

What Is Drug Trafficking In North Carolina?

Drug trafficking doesn’t necessarily mean running a large drug distribution organization. Someone can be charged with trafficking if they simply exceed a certain amount of a specific drug.

When people have more drugs in their possession than what the authorities feel is likely to be for personal use, then trafficking charges may be applied because it is assumed that the person was going to sell or distribute those drugs. Some of the potential limits include the following:

  • Marijuana: A Class H felony for between 10 and 49 pounds.
  • Meth: A Class F felony for between 28 and 199 grams.
  • Cocaine: A Class G felony for between 28 and 199 grams.
  • LSD: A Class G felony for between 100 and 499 units.
  • Heroin: A Class F Felony for between 4 and 13 grams.

This often leads to disputes during legal cases. Someone who has slightly more than 10 pounds of marijuana products may claim it was only for personal use, for example, but they could still be charged with drug trafficking in North Carolina.

Penalties For Trafficking In North Carolina

Those charged with drug trafficking in Raleigh, Durham, across Wake County or anywhere else across the state must consider the strict ramifications of a possible conviction. For the drugs noted above, they are as follows:

  • Marijuana: 25-39 months in jail
  • Meth: 70-93 months
  • Cocaine: 35-51 months
  • LSD: 35-51 months
  • Heroin: 70-93 months

It is also worth noting that penalties can be more strict if greater amounts of these substances are found. In some cases, the charges can escalate to a Class C felony. Some drug trafficking charges in this category could lead to nearly 23 years behind bars. Needless to say, trafficking charges can be life-altering accusations.

Do They Need To Prove Intent To Sell?

If you’re being accused of attempting to traffic drugs, you likely assume that means the authorities need to prove you intended to sell them. And, in some cases, they do. They may need other evidence, such as plastic baggies used to break the drugs into small quantities for sale, a scale used to weigh out quantities of various illicit substances or a significant amount of cash that indicates sales have already been made.

But this is also why it is so important to keep an eye on the weight limits. If someone exceeds these limits, then the authorities no longer have the same obligation to provide additional proof of drug trafficking. The sheer amount of a drug product is considered proof in its own right. In this sense, the difference between having nine pounds of marijuana and 11 pounds of marijuana is incredibly significant.

Do You Need To Cross A Border Or A State Line?

People also often associate drug trafficking with transportation. Crossing state lines with illegal drugs can indeed turn the case into a federal issue. But even for crimes that are simply within the jurisdiction of the state, drug trafficking charges are possible based on the weight and amount totals noted above. Explicit transportation is not required for these charges.

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