Aggressive Homicide Defense In Raleigh And Durham

In criminal law, murder charges are probably the most serious. They come with extremely high stakes for your freedom and future, but you have many rights that the state must respect. You want an attorney with the skills and experience to protect your rights as vigorously as you deserve.

At Frasier & Griffin, PLLC, we commit to our clients in Durham and across North Carolina to serve as strong, aggressive advocates for clients facing any criminal charge. We understand how stressful murder charges can be for a person, and we take on those challenges. While the situation in front of you is extremely difficult, we will stand with you the whole way.

The Challenges Ahead Of You

Your legal risks largely depend on the severity of the murder charge ahead of you. In North Carolina, murder charges often fall into one of three categories:

  • First-degree murder: Premeditated, intentional actions that result in a person’s death
  • Second-degree murder: Intentional, unplanned actions that result in a person’s death
  • Manslaughter: Unintentional, unplanned actions that result in a person’s death

However, the state must prove the charges against you in a court of law. You have the presumption of innocence, and we will fight to protect it.

Our attorneys have the toughness to face the charges ahead of you with poise and competence. With our experience, we put pressure on the state to meet its burden of proof. We challenge it at every point in the process to protect you.

Toughness When You Need It Most

Our firm’s long history in North Carolina comes with a respected reputation for service with both our clients and peers. We will be with you to answer your questions and fight for you throughout your case. Contact us today to schedule a meeting by emailing or calling 919-263-5522.