Maximize Compensation After A Truck Accident

Being struck by a truck in traffic often leads to catastrophic or fatal injuries. Compared to a car, motorcycle or pedestrian, a truck’s size, weight and momentum are overwhelming. Sometimes called a semi truck, tractor-trailer, big rig or 18-wheeler, a large commercial truck easily crushes a car or any small vehicle.

Someone who survives a truck accident may have serious or catastrophic injuries requiring emergency care, surgery, extensive hospitalization and rehabilitation. Besides the pain and suffering (or loss of a loved one) associated with a truck accident, there are typically huge medical bills and/or funeral and burial costs to pay. The loss of income can be just as difficult for an injured person and their family to deal with. At Frasier & Griffin, PLLC, we work with determination and passion to help the injured and their close family members obtain the resources they need to move forward in life after such a devastating accident.

How Truck Accidents Differ From Typical Car Accidents

Besides the severity of many truck accidents, the legal aspects of such crashes can be much more complex than those of a typical motor vehicle accident. There may be more than one negligent party, including any combination of the following:

  • The truck driver
  • The dispatcher
  • The trucking company
  • An inspector or repair facility
  • A loading dock crew and company
  • A government agency responsible for signs and road maintenance

Each of these individuals, teams or entities may have their own insurer, and the interplay among the insurers can make it difficult to bring about a case resolution. The different insurers will try to shift blame on each other. A large part of our lawyers’ roles after a client’s semi truck accident is to dig deeply in a detailed investigation to uncover an answer to the question, “Who is responsible to compensate the injured?”

We Are Here For You

When we represent you in the aftermath of a tractor-trailer crash, we will naturally become well acquainted with you and your family. We are confident that you will be grateful for the complete legal services that we have to offer. Put our trial attorney skills to work for you and discover for yourself the benefits of turning to our firm for the advocacy that you need and deserve.

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