The Consequences Of Drug Charges In Raleigh And Durham

The state of North Carolina takes drug possession and trafficking extremely seriously. These charges can carry both local and federal complications and can be overwhelming to those facing them. If the state investigates you for any drug violation, you need a skilled defense team protecting your rights.

At Frasier & Griffin, PLLC, our attorneys have spent their careers vigorously defending our clients’ rights. When it comes to drug charges, we understand the law and know how to build an aggressive strategy to protect you. Your freedom may be at stake, but you are not in this alone. We understand how vital it is to protect you from a drug conviction and criminal record.

A Brief Review Of North Carolina Drug Crimes

While any drug charge is serious, understanding some of the processes that you have ahead of you can help you feel more in control of your situation. The state specifically prohibits the manufacture, sale, simple possession, possession with intent, and delivery of these and other controlled substances:

Violating these laws can lead to extensive fines and jail time, which can increase, depending on the amount of the substance and other circumstances.

Our attorneys have extensive experience handling drug charges facing our clients. We aggressively protect our clients no matter what they are up against, including charges of possession of drug paraphernalia. More than that, we take on the difficulties of the charges ahead and do everything in our power to help you keep your life together.

Penalties For Drug Charges In North Carolina

Facing a North Carolina drug charge can be a frightening experience, with each charge carrying severe penalties depending on the type of offense. Here’s a brief overview:

  • Possession: Unlawful possession of controlled substances can result in misdemeanor or felony charges, attracting penalties ranging from probation to several years in prison based on the drug schedule and quantity possessed.
  • Trafficking: Involves manufacturing, selling, transporting or importing controlled substances above certain weight thresholds. Trafficking charges are felonies with minimum mandatory prison sentences that increase with larger quantities.
  • Distribution: Selling or transferring controlled substances brings distribution charges. These are typically felonies with potential prison time and fines based on the drug type and amount.
  • Manufacturing: Operating a facility to produce controlled substances illegally is a felony that carries lengthy prison sentences, especially for methamphetamines or opiate drugs.

Our client-centered legal representation can help ensure you understand all the legal consequences concerning your drug case.

How Are Drugs Scheduled In North Carolina?

North Carolina classifies drugs into distinctive schedules depending on the potential for abuse and accepted medical use, namely:

  • Schedule I: These are drugs with a high potential for abuse with no accepted medical use (e.g., heroin, LSD, marijuana, ecstasy and peyote)
  • Schedule II: High potential for abuse leading to severe dependence; some medical use cases (e.g., Vicodin, cocaine, methamphetamine, OxyContin and Adderall)
  • Schedule III: Moderate to low potential for dependence; less abuse potential than I and II (e.g., products with <90mg of codeine, ketamine and anabolic steroids)
  • Schedule IV: Low potential for abuse and dependence (e.g., Xanax, Valium, Ambien and tramadol)
  • Schedule V: Lower abuse potential than IV; limited narcotics quantities (e.g., some cough medicines with codeine and Lyrica)
  • Schedule VI: No federally controlled substance analogy (e.g., marijuana, peyote toluene, amyl nitrite and nitrous oxide)

Each drug schedule has a different potential for abuse and accepted medical use, with penalties increasing as the schedule number goes up. With decades of experience and respected attorneys, we are well-versed in the North Carolina legal system. We offer transparent communication while fighting for the best possible outcome.

Aggressive And Committed To Your Defense Strategy

Our history of skilled, compassionate criminal law representation is what sets us apart. We help you maintain control of what’s going on and keep an eye on your rights. You get to focus on getting on with your life while we fight the drug offense charges against you.

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