Get The Defense You Need After A Heroin Trafficking Arrest

In May 2023, a drug bust along Interstate 85 in North Carolina yielded a seizure of more than 1,000 bricks of heroin and other illegal drugs. The driver of the car that was stopped was arrested and charged with trafficking heroin and cocaine as well as other crimes. His bail was set at $500,000. The list of crimes sounds dramatic, but this is just one of many such cases in our state in recent years. If you have been implicated in a heroin, cocaine or other drug crime arrest, you likely realize your need for skillful, knowledgeable defense.

Fortunately for defendants in high-stakes drug crime cases such as the one summarized above, Frasier & Griffin, PLLC, is available and can provide the urgent, high-stakes counsel that is needed at a critical time. Whether you face state or federal drug crime charges, and no matter how your arrest came about, if you are in this position, you can find the help you need at our firm.

Our Defense Attorneys Will Stand Guard And Protect Your Constitutional Rights

After a heroin possession, distribution or trafficking arrest, you need a lawyer’s guidance to navigate each step of your journey ahead, including:

  • Getting your bail bond reduced or eliminated
  • Getting out of jail as soon as possible
  • Getting an investigation underway to verify the facts
  • Reviewing your background to determine promising strategies in your defense
  • Communicating with law enforcement, the prosecutor, the court, the media and others with an interest in your case
  • Preparing and negotiating a plea that offers you a way forward
  • Representing your rights and interests through every phase of your case

We have successfully helped many clients get their charges dropped. For others, we have obtained outcomes such as probation that offered positive ways forward. Every case is unique, and we cannot promise specific results. What we can promise, if you work with us, is clear communication, honest explanations and aggressive advocacy in your favor. We are determined to secure the most hopeful outcome that your case allows.

Schedule A Free Consultation Before Or After A Heroin Possession Or Distribution Arrest

Perhaps you are under investigation but have not been arrested or charged. This is an ideal time to bring a defense attorney on board in your case. Or perhaps your loved one is in jail after an arrest, and you don’t know what to do. We do know what to do and how to help you or your close family member who is facing heroin charges or a fentanyl arrest.

Experience our professionalism and reassuring counsel for yourself. Reach us in Durham or Raleigh by phone at 919-263-5522 or send an email message to request a meeting with an attorney.