How can I get child support started?

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If you are not currently married to your child’s other parent, then you may be able to get child support in Illinois. Child support is for the parent who takes care of the child the majority of the time, which generally means he or she lives with you. It is to help you with the expenses of raising a child, and you have a right to it. If you wish to ask for child support, there are some different ways you can do it, according to the North Carolina Judicial Branch.

You can always go to court to request support. This involves starting a legal case. You will have to go before a judge. You will also have to complete paperwork. The other parent will also need to be present in court. This is often the most expensive and time-consuming option, but it is good if you have no contact with the other parent and cannot get to him or her any other way.

Another option is going through the Child Support Enforcement Agency. This is another good option if you have no contact with the other parent or the other parent is not agreeable to paying support. The CSE will handle all the details of getting payments set up and dispersed.

If you and the other parent are on good terms, you can have him or her sign a Voluntary Support Agreement. This sets up child support and creates a legal agreement that a judge will sign off on.

If you were married, child support is typically a part of your divorce agreement. This does not require you to do anything extra as it is handled during the course of your divorce proceedings. This information is for education, and it is not legal advice.