What are the elements of a good defense?

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Facing criminal charges can be one of the most stressful things you have ever experienced. Suddenly, your whole life and future are at risk, and you do not know how to move forward.

One of the first steps to take is to obtain a good defense. However, what does that defense entail? There is a lot of work and many steps that go into an effective defense. However, these three elements are critical:

1. Extensive investigation

A good criminal defense attorney conducts their own investigation. Attorneys will look into many aspects of the entire case, particularly:

  • The act that led you to face criminal charges
  • The details and process of the police investigation

Evidence plays a significant role in defense. That is why defense attorneys will dive deep into their own investigations to gather evidence and ensure they understand all of the details of your situation. This process may involve a partnership with other professionals, such as other investigators or medical professionals.

2. Knowledge and strategy

Defense attorneys will then use their extensive knowledge of the law to protect your rights. For example, say the attorney finds that North Carolina police violated your Miranda rights during the interrogation. They can file a motion to suppress the evidence collected in that interrogation due to the violation of your rights.

The attorney’s knowledge of the law will also play a large role in strategizing how to protect your best interests. Whether that is through negotiating with the prosecutor to drop or reduce the charges, making a plea deal or preparing for trial to fight for you.

Never underestimate experience. Even though every case is different, attorneys can use their experience to give you an advantage.

3. Protecting you

You are also a key element in the defense process. As mentioned above, a defense attorney should prioritize your best interests and protect your rights. This means that they should:

  • Explain every step they take to you
  • Make sure you fully understand your rights and options
  • Always work to protect you – not themselves

While a defense attorney cannot promise an outcome, they should always do everything in their power to protect your rights and you. You should come first, as the case and the charges directly impact your life.