What should you know about gun charges?

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You may already know that facing any kind of firearm charge is serious. Such charges could affect every aspect of your life, and leave you facing considerable penalties. So, what should you know about the details of these kinds of charges and the potential risks they pose?

Three elements to understand about gun charges

To understand the risk of gun charges, you must understand a few other critical elements, including:

  • Risk starts from purchase: North Carolina and federal laws outline very specific procedures to purchase a gun. You must adhere to these requirements to avoid serious issues. This will require obtaining a permit and following proper processes to obtain a handgun from a licensed dealer. Failing to follow these processes could result in serious charges.
  • There are many different charges: From carrying a gun without a permit to firing one to incite fear or harm, there is a variety of gun charges. This variety also comes into play with other criminal charges that can become worse if they involve the use of a gun. They may be a separate charge – such as armed robbery – but the consequences can increase significantly when a gun is involved.
  • There are nuances: As we have discussed in previous blog posts, your surroundings can impact the severity of gun charges as well. Possessing a gun in an area where alcohol is sold, on school property or in a location that specifically bans firearms could lead to severe criminal charges – even if you have a permit to carry the gun. It is critical to note that there are several other nuances included in gun laws that can affect the risk of charges as well.

The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution may protect the right to carry a gun. However, you must carefully adhere to the laws regulating guns and know the three elements listed above in order to employ this right.

What are the consequences?

A wide range of charges means a wide range of penalties. In North Carolina, violations of gun laws can lead to misdemeanor or felony charges depending on the circumstances of the situation. This is why it is critical to:

  • Ensure you follow the procedures and rules of law when obtaining a gun
  • Fully understand your rights regarding gun ownership
  • Know and carefully adhere to the rules of gun use

Understanding the extent of the risks and your rights in these cases can help you to avoid these charges and protect yourself.