Do criminal charges increase in the summertime?

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Does the time of year influence the risk of criminal charges? Research seems to indicate that it might. With warmer weather on the way for the next few months, it may help to be aware of these particular risks.

What are the statistics for summer criminal charges?

Reports indicate that not all types of crimes increase during the summer. In the last few years, many sources found that it is usually violent crimes that tend to increase around this time of year. According to ABC 11 in Raleigh, many of the violent offenses that become more common in the summer include:

  • Gun crimes and weapons offenses
  • Robberies and property crimes
  • Assaults

With recent statistics showing an increase in these offenses during the summer, it is highly likely that law enforcement will increase their presence around North Carolina in response.

Why do these crimes increase this time of year?

Is there a reason behind the increase in violent crimes during the summer? While every case is different, there could be a few contributing factors to the rate of these crimes, including:

  • Alcohol: The activities that many people engage in during the summer, such as barbecues or festivals, often involve alcohol. It is common knowledge that drinking alcohol can affect one’s ability to make decisions and even make individuals more volatile.
  • Juvenile crime: The summer months also frequently bring an increase in juvenile crime. Teens are out of school with a lot of time on their hands. The increase in violent crimes during the summer is not always separate from the upticks in juvenile crime either, with many violent crimes involving minors.
  • Weather: Global research has found that weather can have a profound impact on your mood and behavior. When the temperatures rise, tempers do too. This could, in some cases, contribute to the rise of violent crime as well.

Regardless of the reason or circumstances behind the criminal charges you might face this time of year, it is essential to defend yourself and your rights.